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All the models in Hot  are over 21 years and all the pictures show their current bodyshape. You can not see clearly the faces of the escort girls, obviously for fear of being recognized in their normal life. Most of them are students in the University, part of Erasmus program, working in an office or a restrarant daytime or just they are here for a few mounths. Hot Girls respects the identity of all the models. 1781463_420668188063502_643249992_o If you are looking for company our beautiful can show you the city, join for a walk, dinner and show you the best places in .
In case you would like to organize a bachelor party or surprize a friend in Barcelona with a lapdance Hot Girls Escorts Barcelona can offer you one of our escorts girls who are profecional exotic dancers or show girls that are able to perform as a nurse, colleage girl, playboy bunny, policewoman, etc. or just wear the lingerine you wish to see.
Beauty is everywhere… especially in Barcelona and Hot Girls Escorts Barcelona Agency. We know everybody has his own type of girl. Some people prefer tall, others short Lolita style. There are men who like only model type, slim and very elegant girls, others are impressed of girls that take care of themselves maintaining perfect body shape training in the gym. Many gentlemen like natural women with curves. That is why Hot Girls Escorts Barcelona Agency has a big selection of escort girls from different races and body structures. Some of our escort girls are 100% natural, others have silicon implants and extentions. The escort models from Hot Girls Escorts Barcelona are mainly from Eastern Europe, and Latin America. If you are looking for an exotic escort, an Asia girl, Arabic lady or a black pearl we will try to find her, just give us 24 hours. Just share with us what exactly you are looking for and we will try to find the perfect girl for you, because we are happy when we make our users completely pleased. The room is not included in the price. We can recommend you for a few hours and you can get a nice place just for 30-40 euros for about 3 hours. If you are in the city for less than one day, we know a wonderful and very discreet chain of with parking for just 50 euros for 12 hours. 1601106_448701715260149_532496_n

For special meetings like trips out of Barcelona city and bachelor parties you have to book 48 hours before and pay 40% in advance. For meetings in the city we need minimum 2 hours.


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