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Buenos Aires escorts, escort agencies & independent escorts in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Escorts » Rosario Escorts
The best independent girls in Argentina...

Rosario Escorts
  | votes: 0 | clicks: 129 | 2012-06-15
Buenos Aires Escorts » B.A.Escort
This site contains sexually explicit material and is targeted to be viewed by adults solamente.Si any image of this feature may offend him or is ud. minor, please do not entre.Lea carefully the text below and then decide if she agrees to ingresar.Soy of age, and / or I have the legal age in my country to gain access to material I adultos.Me fully responsible for the material view of the page and I agree:

  | votes: 0 | clicks: 221 | 2012-04-11
Buenos Aires Escorts » Latin Babes
Amazing sexy escorts in Argentina!

Latin Babes
  | votes: 0 | clicks: 203 | 2012-03-10
Buenos Aires Escorts » Bairesplat
The hottest girls in Buenos Aires! Don't hesitate to contact us!

  | votes: 0 | clicks: 213 | 2012-03-10
Buenos Aires Escorts » Erotiks
The best escorts in Argentina!

  | votes: 1 | clicks: 211 | 2012-03-10
Buenos Aires Escorts » Ayelén
My name is Ayelén, I am 32 years old and I was born in the city of Buenos Aires. When I was 2 years I moved to the city of La Tablada where lived together with my grandparents and uncles till I was 10 years old. Then I moved to Castelar where I studied my primary and secondary school. I loved going out with my friends, with whom we used to play bowling and pool, and when it was late enough, we decided to go dancing and having nice times at different discos in Ramos Mejía. At the age of 18, I decided to move to the Federal District of Buenos Aires. There I started to make strippers and after one year and a half, I took the decision to start training in Aerobics and practice gym, things which I actually enjoy doing. I did so for quite a long time, till I knew the world of Internet, it called all my attention and I have become very enthusiastic and fond of it . As regards my personal life, I can tell you it is very quiet. During the week I stay in my apartment all day long, and at the weekends I try to stay with my family and my dog. I also go shopping, and at night I usually go out to have dinner round the neighborhood of Recoleta and Costanera Norte. Friends ? Yes, I have a very important friend living in Italy, and apart from that, I have friends including my beloved sister. I am very faithful and jealous of those persons I love. I am also like this at the moment I am with my partner… I defend a lot, those persons I deeply love.
  | votes: 0 | clicks: 206 | 2012-01-22
Buenos Aires Escorts » Exclusive Babes
We are NOT an escort agency. All models publishing here are doing so independently. Exclusive Babes only offers an online advertising service.
  | votes: 0 | clicks: 195 | 2012-01-22
Buenos Aires Escorts » High Class Model
We ARE NOT an escort agency. All models publicising on this site do so in an independent manner. High Class Model only offers online advertising services.
  | votes: 0 | clicks: 173 | 2012-01-22
Buenos Aires Escorts » Maru Escort International Model
The Glamour of Desire Represents a fresh touch of sensuality, a high level of refinement and class. I´m an elite escort whom offer to you pleasure-filled encounters for all the senses in which beauty and harmony are the absolute mistresses of the soirée. Every moment in my company will be an unforgettable, sensually erotic experience designed to Receive, to Give and to Delight in pleasure which begins and ends in my soft and delicate hands, proceeding with utterly sensual and intimate dedication .. which will redefine your conception of corporeal pleasure by way of the mind and not the reverse. An extraordinary experience!
  | votes: 0 | clicks: 167 | 2012-01-22
Buenos Aires Escorts » Tango Escorts Agency
Tango Escort is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We offer a complete staff of sensual female and shemale models. Incalls and Outcalls
  | votes: 0 | clicks: 214 | 2012-01-16
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