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Fairborn Escorts » SophiaVincent
Sophia Vincent, an eighteen year old woman who wants to experience the intimate connections and thrills that being a companion has to offer~ I am a very unique woman who enjoys the time I spend socializing. I must admit that absolutely nothing pleases me more than to pleasure others with conversation and the time we spend together making meaningful connections as friends, confidantes, and lovers. Let's get to know each other and become good friends. I've been fortunate and have lived a life interspersed with enjoyable travel to exotic places, however I am on a limited schedule at this time so we can get to know each other within twenty minutes of my home base in Dayton, Ohio. However, I want to let recurrent clients know that I will be more than open to travel dates in the future when I will be more available. You may expect slight sarcasm and well-devised humor from me as well as a kind glance now and again. I live my life to the fullest I can. As an ambitious young woman just starting out life in "the real world" I am so looking forward to the many adventures and experiences that lie ahead. Although I admit that sky-diving, snowboarding, and bungee-jumping aren't my ideas of a good time, I am proud to say that I actively search for ways to leave my comfort zone and expand my knowledge and abilities in the social aspects of my personality. I am attending college classes at the moment and love to learn. I have a passion for teaching as well as for science, literature, art, ethnography, and especially languages. Taking "long walks on the beach" is a cliché of which I am a victim and enjoying luxury spas is another activity that I enjoy before, after, or even during an appointment with you ;) I'm interested in yummy food; art museums; glass working; reading about astronomy, fantasy, fashion magazines, National Geographic; watching HGTV, Samurai Champloo, and the Cosmos by Carl Sagan (although I don't actually watch TV very often); …and you of course! What I am most interested in is other people and their quirks, how they work, what they do, and why. Let me know if you are interested in getting to know me more so we can share real-time together and make new experiences that we will both remember for a lifetime. Can't wait- Sophia

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