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Buenos Aires escorts, escort agencies & independent escorts in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Escorts » Amira Model
Sensual, extroverted, sensible, intuitive, realist, natural and likeable escort girl in Argentina!

Amira Model
  | votes: 0 | clicks: 42 | 2012-12-14
Buenos Aires Escorts » Level VIP
Busty Escorts in Buenos Aires!

Level VIP
  | votes: 0 | clicks: 35 | 2012-12-14
Buenos Aires Escorts » Lady Fantasy
Hi! I am a sensual woman who will take it across the labyrinth of its desires, since I have a deep understanding of my feminine power and... I am not afraid of using it.

Lady Fantasy
  | votes: 0 | clicks: 69 | 2012-09-28
Buenos Aires Escorts » Morgana
Hi, i am an Escort from Argentina and i am traveling worlwide... I have 27 years old and i was born in Buenos Aires. I am blonde, busty (36d) and curvy like a good Latin girl. I was born in November and my sign is Sagittarius so i am all fire! And this fire i want to share with you baby!

  | votes: 0 | clicks: 121 | 2012-09-17
Buenos Aires Escorts » Domina Maxima
I am a dominating Woman with an authoritarian personality, that has always been with me since my early years. Extremely up to the detail, sophisticated, a perfectionist. Very reserved and discreet; with a protective soul to those who I choose to love. Of a curious temperament , I am always researching in order to perfect myself in the Art of Domination. I am very formal, and even when I am on my own, if I sit down to have a cup of tea, I use the finest china, or if I treat myself to a dinner I only accept crystal cups and silver cutlery. I like to write my own experiences. Nobody but me would be able to reproduce every session or life facts with the same passion, or depict the way I can administer a punishment or issue a command. Being such a self assured Woman I cannot accept suggestions or advice from anybody UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. One of my likes is to get together with other Madams of Domination and enjoy high-tea in any part of the world where I might be, to share ideas and nurture ourselves with our know-how in this exquisite profession, this makes all of us much better Mistresses and improve our services and wisdom. I have never felt the pressure of competition in any of the things I’ve done in my life. I dislike noisy or aggressive people; I feel that these shortcomings degrades both sprit and mind. I do not admit mistakes of any kind, and this reflects in my profession. I am an audacious Woman, I do not like improvisation, I always plan each step and move beforehand. My sessions are absolutely customised, making each one of them unique and unforgettable. I have peculiar tastes and each session fills me with joy. Despite my domineering personality I am not cruel or rough, so my feminine nature and sensuality stay intact every step of the way. I am glamorous in all aspects. I love my pets, either the canine or human type. I have fun with them and I adore to take them for walks, watch them eat or drink and keep them clean and tidy all the time. I admire their intelligence, they always know what their Mistress wants. I also like horses and the breeze on my face when I ride them, and that wonderful feeling of relaxation and freedom. I always consider those people who are willing to please Me and serve Me in my every whim to the point of abandoning their lives leaving them in my hands. I never shout or insult anyone. Neither I praise or criticise the ups and downs of my subs. I love to dazzle them with my creativity and my sexy disciplinarian techniques. I use everything available to transport them into a world of unimaginable pleasure and exquisite torture; they might experience high pain, agony, pleasure or absolute ecstasy, always within the boundaries of each one of their thresholds. Practices that give me pleasure: Public humiliation, flagellation, candle play, electro play, mummification, and others. I love transformism and above all, erotic domination. The clothes I wear daily vary depending on my humour, mood or the disciplinarian practice I am about to play. If I feel like wearing the same clothes on back-to-back sessions I will certainly do it, my will is sacred. I am always very concerned about the complete hygiene of the playground. If you want to have a session with Me, you will know each and every detail of my protocol thoroughly; and this is the reason why I recommend to read my instructions completely and attentively. In case of a break of a rule I will interrupt the session immediately, be it on the phone or face to face. If in doubt you can always phone-in and check with my personal assistant, with utmost respect for the person I have chosen to serve me and perform this task. I offer a safe facility in my place of work to keep your valuables secure during sessions. I give and demand absolute reserve, privacy, discretion and safety. Looking forward to your visit very soon, Domina Maxima.

Domina Maxima
  | votes: 0 | clicks: 100 | 2012-09-17
Buenos Aires Escorts » Puerto Madero
Really Argentine girls with best escort services!

Puerto Madero
  | votes: 0 | clicks: 190 | 2012-06-15
Buenos Aires Escorts » Maduras
Very sexy escort girls in Argentina!

  | votes: 0 | clicks: 156 | 2012-06-15
Buenos Aires Escorts » Argentinas X
If you visit our site, you will find your dream escort girl in Argentina...

Argentinas X
  | votes: 1 | clicks: 169 | 2012-06-15
Buenos Aires Escorts » Rosario Escorts
The best independent girls in Argentina...

Rosario Escorts
  | votes: 0 | clicks: 124 | 2012-06-15
Buenos Aires Escorts » B.A.Escort
This site contains sexually explicit material and is targeted to be viewed by adults solamente.Si any image of this feature may offend him or is ud. minor, please do not entre.Lea carefully the text below and then decide if she agrees to ingresar.Soy of age, and / or I have the legal age in my country to gain access to material I adultos.Me fully responsible for the material view of the page and I agree:

  | votes: 0 | clicks: 217 | 2012-04-11
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