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More than any other in the zodiac the Pisces woman, will change herself to fit the image of her partner desires...Completely adaptable and willing to try anything. Yet, remains uniquely herself; elusive, untouchable, and mysterious. She is a fascination that no one quite understands. To thePisces, love is ballast the center from which all else radiates. Her greatest need is to lose herself in someone else. to unite in an almost mystic union. Romance is the breath of life to her. Natuarlly kind with a deep appreciation for the most inner qualties of others, Pisces are not concerned with the superficial, she loves everyone! Care Instructions! Be Aware I'm always on my own schedule! :) When I'm fussy... That strange smell is herbal therapy! Give Me your confidence in my abilities... I love All things SEX! poetry & cosmetology too Teach Me to trust my intuition Encourage my GREATNESS WHAT TO EXPECT I will be FRESHLY showered, well-groomed, dressed in lingerie or a nice dress. My room is always clean,sanitary, and smoke-free. I also like the room to be dimly lit with candles, and wine/champagne is sometimes available. P.S. NO TEXT PLZ Please read entire ad before contacting me.When calling I'm only interested in your name, age, how much time you would like to spend with me, the time, and date.Absolutely no vulgarity or disrespect.

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