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Hastings Escorts » Escort Hastings - MistressStClare
A cultured, intelligent Mistress, relocated from London and decidedly one of the haut-monde, I offer professional domination in Sussex .I am experienced and elegant, a true Alfa Female. Nothing pleases me more than to see a submissive kneeling before me. My passion and raison d’etre is Corporal Punishment, from sensual spanking to judicial level, and everything in between. I cater for all levels of experience from the novice to the extreme masochist. My favourite implement is the cane, and I love seeing the marks it makes, although I also can use it in a sensual fashion to bring pleasure. I cater for all levels of experience from the hardened masochist to the novice and total beginner. I will never exceed agreed limits nor ignore safe words. Those who wish to be treated severely will find me more than capable of fulfilling their needs, whilst those who seek a softer form of domination will not be disappointed. I enjoy what I do, and strive to ensure that your visit lives up to your expectations. I do not engage in activities which do not appeal me. Your pain is my pleasure.

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